Information about the pine processionary caterpillar

…so-called Pine Processionary Caterpillar because of their habit of walking head to tail in search of food, it is probably the most dangerous insect in the Mediterranean region. 

There may be hundreds of caterpillars seen walking nose to tail, winding along roadways, paths or golfing greens. The caterpillars are covered with brittle hairs, which cause a severe reaction when they come into contact with human skin. The hairs remain toxic even after the caterpillar has died and can also be carried in the air causing respiratory damage if breathed in.

Doctor Pino - Endotherapy Trunk Injection Method Processionary Caterpillar Mallorca

The Endotherapy or trunk injection system

The Endotherapy or trunk injection system offers a much more effective alternative for the treatment of trees than spraying, since the substances are directly injected to the vascular system of the tree.

This system provides an ecologic alternative for the treatment of trees as substances go directly to the tree resulting in much more efficient and fast results, without polluting the environment.

We inject by hand, pampering the pine. We do not use compressed air machinery that can damage the structure of the tree.

Doctor Pino - Endotherapy Trunk Injection Method Processionary Caterpillar Mallorca Allergy

The processionary caterpillar can cause severe allergies

Pine processionary caterpillars represent a public health hazard because they have thousands of hairs which contain an urticating, or irritating, proteincalled thaumetopoein.

These hairs can be blown by the wind into contact with people resulting in painful skin irritations and rashes and, in some cases, serious allergic reactions.

Doctor Pino - Endotherapy Trunk Injection Method Processionary Caterpillar Mallorca Dog Killer

The pine processionary caterpillar can kill your dog.

Your dog may pick up the hairs on its paws and lick them because of an irritation. This will bring the hairs into contact with the mouth and nose. The lips, tongue, and nose can swell up to a huge size until the whole head is swollen.

The tongue may become so large and swollen that partial or full amputation may be necessary. You might also notice a very bad smell. Because of the swelling the air passages can also become blocked leading to suffocation and death.

We recommend applying endotherapy to…

Private Gardens

Private house or community of neighbors: endotherapy cures the tree without affecting the environment

Hotels & Apartments

With endotherapy your trees will look healthy without clients noticing herbicides or insecticides.

Public Parks

Thanks to endotherapy it is possible to keep the trees healthy and protected without affecting the area.

School Gardens

School trees will remain healthy without affecting children playing in the treated area.