The Endotherapy or trunk injection system

Doctor Pino - Endotherapy Trunk Injection Method Processionary Caterpillar Mallorca

We use the endotherapy (or trunk injection) method to tackle the plague as it offers a much more effective, efficient and ecologic alternative for the treatment of trees than spraying.

The substances are directly injected to the vascular system of the tree, avoiding atomisation, pulverisation or spraying of chemical products that contaminate the environment, soils and waters. This method also poses no risk to human and animal health.

We inject by hand, pampering the pine. We do not use compressed air machinery that can damage the structure of the tree.

How is endotherapy carried out


The perimeter of the trunk is drilled approximately every 25-30 cm.

Plug Placement

A special plug is then placed in the hole. This is a catheter that the injection needle will go through, allowing the product to go in and preventing it from leaking out.


Using a nylon hammer and a special positioner, the plug is fixed into the hole made in the tree.


Finally, the injection is performed with the selected trunk injection mechanism, inserting the needle into the plug.