How do we work

Endotherapy (or trunk injection method) is the only 100% effective treatment to control the pine processionary caterpillar infestation. The injection period is between the end of September and the beginning of December and consists of several injections in the trunk, depending on the dimensions of the tree. 

Here are the steps to follow to treat your trees:

Doctor Pino Processionary Caterpillar Tree Inspectin

Tree inspection and pricing

We do not charge a fixed price per tree, but per injection. The number of injections each tree needs for the treatment to be 100% effective depends on three factors: 

To calculate the total cost of the treatment we would need to have a look at your pine trees. We will be happy to come to your property (without any obligation on your part) at your convenience to estimate an accurate and cost-effective quotation. 

We apply the treatment manually

Once we have agreed a total price, we will arrange a date to start treating your pine trees. In many cases we will be able to treat your pine trees on the same day.

We drill the tree and with our state-of-the-art injecting machinery we will inoculate the nutrient quickly and efficiently. We use the best products on the market, which are also the only authorised biocides to eradicate the pine processionary caterpillar: abamectin Vertimec®, from Syngenta®.

We inject by hand, pampering the pine. We do not use compressed air machinery that can damage the structure of the tree. 

Pine processionary caterpillar in mallorca endotherapy dogs mallorca

1-year guarantee

The tree will be fully protected for 1-year, and in a short time you will see how the holes where the product has been injected are closed.

All living creatures in the vicinity of the treated pine tree will be free from the nasty problems caused by the pine processionary caterpillar for a whole year.

If you wish, we will keep your details in our database so that we can contact you every September when it is time to treat your pine trees.