Advantages of endotherapy versus spraying

At Doctor Pino we use the endotherapy (or trunk injection) method to tackle the plague as it offers a much more effective, efficient and ecologic alternative for the treatment of trees than spraying, since the substances are directly injected to the vascular system of the tree, avoiding atomisation, pulverisation or spraying of chemical products that contaminate the environment, soils and waters. This method also poses no risk to human and animal health.


By injecting the active ingredient directly into the sap of the tree, we ensure an even distribution of the product and the right amount to achieve a positive and immediate reaction.


With a single application is sufficient in most cases to correct the deficiency or solve the problem that the tree from its pathology, staying in it between one or two years. Sprayed chemicals efficiency can decrease dramatically when it rains.

Speed of action

The time it takes the tree to absorb any of these shots, is between 30 seconds and 15 minutes depending on the state of the tree and variety of it.


Using this system, we avoid environmental pollution, especially in the case of pest management.

Other Plagues

Valid method for tackling other pests apart from the Processionary Caterpillar.

Less Efficient

While the tree injection is a localized infusion of liquids along the trunk, spraying might not reach every part of the tree, can be blown away by the wind and easily washed up with the rain.


Spraying of chemicals pollute the environment, soil and water and can be extremely harmful to humans & animals.


If your have a small garden, the sprayed nutrient (poison) can affect other houses, schools, parks…

It´s more expensive!

While the trunk injection method protects your pines for one or two years, you´ll need to re-spray the trees periodically to ensure very single leaf has been watered after a few weeks, if it rains, if its windy (moths can fly from tree to tree), etc.

We recommend applying endotherapy to…

Private Gardens

Private house or community of neighbors: endotherapy cures the tree without affecting the environment

Hotels & Apartments

With endotherapy your trees will look healthy without clients noticing herbicides or insecticides.

Public Parks

Thanks to endotherapy it is possible to keep the trees healthy and protected without affecting the area.

School Gardens

School trees will remain healthy without affecting children playing in the treated area.